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Welcome to EU.SB !

MMN started way back when in 1996, currently the BBS is the last installation of what MMN used to be. Everything is now on ec.je or through the gopher server.

Back when MMN started, although I used the PC as the BBS machine, I did have (and loved) my Commodore 64. I tended to use that machine more for connecting to other BBSes, playing games, doing school work, and basically whatever. With that in mind I'm putting together a Commodore 64 site.

In 2017 the BBS / MMN.on.ca got a facelift with re-welcoming the long gone, but never forgotten EvilCheese name - ec.je. Since then in 2019 mmn.on.ca was reunited with the BBS, and the business site moved to another domain. In late 2019 the BBS stopped being a mere subdomain on ec.je and because of a stoke of luck bbs.ec went live.

Around the same time, ec.gy was added to the Free DNS on Afraid.org for public sharing.

Now in the final leg of 2019 we find ourselves with eu.sb, what is turning in to a more centralised site for all the various little projects running (I might also move the Help Centre here). Why EU.SB ? Simple answer, autocorrect and I didn't realise it before the domain was registered :D Not a mega problem, it's kind of cool !

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